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Instructions - Read this if you want to get booked. Locked Topic 0 J. Rivers, Folk Alliance International The purpose of this forum is to provide a list of artists, regularly updated, and sent to private showcase presenters for review. The presenters are sent a digest of the new posts every week to review. Before you create a post for your act, read the instructions below and review the "Example - Weavers" post. Step 1: To create a post for your act, sign into your profile, go to the forum page (under NEWS) and click "New Topic".    *In the digest sent to presenters, the first thing you type gets sent to them in a condensed version, so we recommend the following template to get your info to presenters clearly. See the "Example! - The Weavers" post. Step 2: Subject: Your Act's Name Step 3: Attach Video: Paste the embed code from your video (Optional) Step 4: Contact Phone, Contact Email, Category of Folk, Location Step 5: A Biography or description of your music and a link to your website or EPK.   In order to keep presenters from being flooded and overwhelmed by artist emails, we do not post contact info for the presenters. This post is your best line of communication with them. Make sure to check for errors, and monitor your contact information closely. Good Luck! ~ FAI Team
by J. Rivers, Folk Alliance International
Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Example! - The Weavers Locked Topic 0 J. Rivers, Folk Alliance International The Weavers Contact Info Phone: 816-555-5555 Email: Category of Folk: Traditional Location: New York Description of Music We're an American folk music quartet based in the Greenwich Village area of New York City. We sing traditional folk songs from around the world, as well as blues, gospel music, children's songs, labor songs, and American ballads.  We'd love to play your private showcase, contact us! Check out our website for more info.
by J. Rivers, Folk Alliance International
Thursday, September 10, 2015
MariaElena Locked Topic 0 J. Teubner MariaElena Contact info: Phone: (316)213-5391 Email: Category of Folk: Contemporary, Post-Apocalyptic Location: Wichita, KS Description of Artist: MariaElena is a songwriter bound by no limitations.  She performs in a wide variety of musical projects, both as a solo performer and as a member of the three bands she leads, including her Americana ensemble featured here, as well as in the rock band The Great Plains, and her popular all-girl punk band Aoogah!.
by J. Teubner
Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Jimbo Scott - looking for showcases Locked Topic 0 J. Scott          Jimbo Scott is a performing songwriter who was born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in Oakland, California.  Steeped in traditions of folk, roots, country, bluegrass and rock, Jimbo has developed a unique soulful sound.  With a rich and powerful voice, Jimbo sings songs dedicated to a vivid world, full of passion and color.  His keen sense of introspection makes each song both revealing and resonant.             In 2013 Jimbo released the full-length album, “Weekends at the Madhouse”, a collection of folk, rock and country songs.  Jimbo was also a featured interviewee in the critically acclaimed documentary “Free in Song” about his mentor and teacher, Melanie DeMore. In 2014, Jimbo’s song “River Don’t Sleep” was included the collection River Reflections, commissioned by Amador Arts to raise awareness about the Mokolumne River and Northern California’s watersheds.  Jimbo’s latest release, 2015’s “The Parklands” was inspired by the National Parks and features Tim Snider on strings.  It is a meditation on our impact on the natural world and the need to preserve open spaces. Now, Jimbo is focusing on releasing new material that reflects his increasingly acoustic sound. He continues to perform throughout the Bay Area and Northern California as a solo act, with his full band and in collaboration with various other folk artists.  In a world with an increasing need for brave voices, Jimbo hopes to raise his own. Link to audio Parklands: River Don’t Sleep: Website: Contact Jimbo Scott: or 510-229-7558
by J. Scott
Monday, February 13, 2017
Fraser Anderson - Official Showcase Artist Locked Topic 0 Fraser Anderson & band Fraser Anderson Contact Info Phone: +44 7791 733 737 Email: Category of Folk: Singer-Songwriter/Modern Folk Location: Bristol, UK Description of Music UK based Fraser Anderson writes unique and delicately crafted songs that honour the power of human connection and vulnerability. Treasured for a voice critically acclaimed as "Truly Beautiful", this Scottish troubadour has captivated global audiences with “deeply moving” performances from his latest release, "an album of rare beauty", "Under The Cover Of Lightness". Fraser is performing an official showcase as a duo with his backing singer Bex Baxter on Saturday night in Roanoke, and we would love a any last minute private showcases which are still available.  
by Fraser Anderson & band
Monday, February 6, 2017
Chuck McDermott-seasoned artist , first time FA Locked Topic 0 S. Garvan Contact Info Phone: 303-808-1676 Steve Garvan (mgr), 781-923-1533 Chuck Email: Category of Folk: Americana / singer-songwriter Location: Boston Description of Music Boston -Seminal band Chuck McDermott & Wheatstraw , LA Chuck McDermott Band, then playing with John Stewart for years as duo. Stint as Joe Kennedy's Chief of Staff , specialist in energy and environmental policies. Chuck's forthcoming album "Gin & Rosewater" features Steve Stills, blurbs from him , Roseanne Cash, Buffy Ford Stewart. He'd love to play your private showcase, contact us! Check out our for more info, music, story
by S. Garvan
Saturday, February 4, 2017
Jane zell - looking for showcase Locked Topic 2 J. Zell My song writing philosophy - connect with the "Muse" by spending time writing and with the guitar. Aided by musical exercises and writing prompts and always prepared to drop what I am doing to answer the call, the inspiration of lyric or line, melody or motif, that comes from beyond conscious constructed thought. As I progress and develop the craft of songwriting I honor with gratitude by prayer and offering, "Be with me my friend, my guide, my song, be with me if you will, and I shall follow as best I can, most gracious Muse of my heart."with deepest regard for the gifts of songwriters to the world, carry on.... - jane
by J. Zell
Saturday, February 4, 2017
MIKE SEMRAD - SEEKING SHOWCASES Locked Topic 0 M. Semrad Hello Friends- This will be the first time I, Mike Semrad, will appear at the International Folk Alliance.  Check out my website here: I will be representing the Nebraska Folk & Roots Festival as a presenter and bringing a few Nebraska Folk singers friends with me as well. Hana Zara, a wonderful young word-slinger with a beautiful passion for the art. As well as, Evan Bartels. Evan is a folk singing powerhouse with a voice that will destroy your heart. I sincerely hope you get a chance to hear him, and the lot of us for that matter.  If you have any leads on showcases available or interested, please contact us at or contact us here.  Thank you for your awesomeness. 402-318-6537 Mike Semrad  
by M. Semrad
Friday, February 3, 2017
1st-Timer Performers looking for Showcase Spots Locked Topic 0 M. Semrad Hello, I have three artists looking for performance opportunities for the Folk Alliance showcases.  Evan Bartels - Americana Folk  Mike Semrad - Folk  Hana Zara -Folk   Please call me at 402-318-6537 if you're so kind to help us out, or email I am bringing some amazing talent that needs to be seen.    Thank you!  Mike Semrad Nebraska Folk & Roots Festival / Sower Records  
by M. Semrad
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Louder Than the Guns: A Tribute to Phil Ochs Locked Topic 0 Z. Stevenson Louder Than the Guns: A Tribute to Phil Ochs Contact Info Zachary Stevenson Phone: 816-807-2637 Email: Category of Folk: Topical, Protest, 1960s Location:Vancouver, Canada Description of Music I am developing a one-man show about 60s, protest folksinger, Phil Ochs.  I'd love to play your private showcase, please contact me! Check out my website for more info.
by Z. Stevenson
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Daniel Thomas Phipps : Indie-Folk from Austin, TX Locked Topic 1 D. Phipps Sounds great - hey check this guy out - he's in Houston looking for finger pickers
by J. Zell
Saturday, February 4, 2017
Chicago Songwriter Jeff Brown for last-minute showcase availabilies Locked Topic 0 J. Brown Phone:773.507.4718 Email: Category of Folk: Indie Folk, Singer/Songwriter Location: Chicago, IL   Chicago singer-songwriter Jeff Brown grew up with his ears fixed on the musical intricacies of Iron Maiden records, but over the years has chosen to explore a softer side of music. These days, he creates songs rooted in the gentle musings of contemplative trailblazers like Carole King and James Taylor with modern touches similar to Damien Rice and Iron & Wine.  He cites his musical influences as, "Girls and alcohol, mostly," and uses passion, a sense of humor, and a comforting stage presence to bring to life love songs for people that are sick of the same old love songs.  He tours regionally, nationally, and internationally, having just returned from a month-long tour of Iceland, England, Ireland, and Scotland. I would love to be a part of your showcase!
by J. Brown
Thursday, January 26, 2017
The Audrey Malone Band - Austin, Texas Locked Topic 0 Audrey Malone Productions The Audrey Malone Band  Contact Info: Phone:  615-260-8924 Email: Category:  Americana, Roots, Bluegrass               For full bio please see Website  The Audrey Malone Band will take you on a journey from the depths of despair to lighthearted and upbeat.  Delta River Blues to Swinging Country Jazz. A toe tapping time to be had. The Audrey Malone Band is based in Austin, Texas. All are multi- instrumentalist, song crafters, and vocalists. They are currently working on a new recording and video while supporting the release of the new CD, Take It Or Leave It..     Who is The Audrey Malone Band:  Audrey Malone- Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Writer, Arranger from New Orleans, LA. & Nashville, TN. Home: Austin, Texas.Discography: Audrey Malone & The Rhythm Kings, Swingtown (1998). Hepcat; Methods of Maddness, Musique Du Jour, (2003). Grail Records; Audrey Malone & Michael Evans, A Holiday to Remember (2009), Grail Records; Juke Joint Prophets, The Gospel Of Groove (2014),and many other independent sessions. Band Geneaology: The Calvins, Bill Monroe, Apple Scruffs, Audrey & the Auditease, Audrey Malone & The Rhythm Kings, Cowpie, Methods of Maddness, The Naughty School Girls, Stella, Juke Joint Prophets, Bain Ennis, Earl Poole Ball & Honky Tonk Revival, & The Audrey Malone Band.  Matthew Williams-Vocals, Drums, Writer, Arranger from Fort Worth, TX & Upstate New York. Home: Kyle, Texas. Discography:Kenny Traylor Blues Band: Born with the Blues (1989), HardTop Records; Somethings Gotta Change(1991). HardTop Records; Blarney Brothers: Stuff'N Nonsense (1995). Silver Shamrock; A Fine Line Between Ambition and Delusion (1999), Silver Shamrock; Lager Than Life, (2000). Silver Shamrock. Maggie Drennon, Maggie Drennon (2004). Loose Goose Records. Jiggernaut: In Search of More, (2000). Off Hand Records; Evolution (2002). Off Hand Records; The Well (2009). Smith/Scotland, Juke Joint Prophets, The Gospel Of Groove (2014). Band Genealogy: Soul Kitchen, Blarney Brothers, Chuck Rainey & Jiggernaut, Juke Joint Prophets, Bain Ennis, Earl Poole Ball & Honky Tonk Revival, & The Audrey Malone Band.  Bill Starrett-Vocals, Guitar, Writer, Arranger from Austin, TX & Prince George, British Columbia. Discography: Juke Joint Prophets, The Gospel Of Groove (2014). Home: Austin, Texas. Band Genealogy: Various, Juke Joint Prophets, & The Audrey Malone Band.   Descriptors:   Funky, groovin, upscale, honkytonkin, rhythmical bluesn, melodic, danceable, swinging, harmonious and unforgettably Original. . Influences of Big Band, Bluegrass, Celtic, Country, Funk, Honky Tonk, Jazz, Pop, Salsa, Surf, Rock, R&B, & Swing.    Additional Videos:    San Juan.  Live from The Saxon Pub in Austin, TX.    Audrey Malone Amongst Friends.  Live from The Family Wash in Nashville, TN. Safe Harbor.  Live from The Saxon Pub in Austin,TX.   EPK's: SonicBids, ReverbNation   YouTube Audrey Malone Channel   Facebook AudreyMaloneFanPage Facebook Personal   Twitter   Sound Cloud   Instagram    
by Audrey Malone Productions
Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Seeking Advice on How to promote our Showcase? Locked Topic 7 J. Page ....AND just went to the link and Digital Ads are all sold out! moot this point!
by J. Page
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
The Newkirks Locked Topic 0 S. Newkirk The Newkirks Contact Info: Phone: 913-579-1319 Email: Category of Folk: Americana/Country Location: Kansas City, MO Website: About Us: We're The Newkirks, a husband-and-wife singer-songwriter duo based out of Kansas City. Both hailing from smaller Kansas towns, we have drawn from our familiarity of both small-town and big-city life to help shape genuine lyrics that speak of the heartbreak, love, struggles and triumphs experienced in our own lives, creating a unique sound that leans toward classic country. "The Newkirks - Live at the Loft" is our debut album, which captures our unique harmonies and country-folk sound. The 10-song, original album was recorded live and acoustic in early 2016, and gives a taste of what our live performances can bring. This will be our first Folk Alliance Conference that we attend as a duo, and we'd love to share our music with you and your guests at your private showcase! View our website to stream our music, as well as view an additional video. We look forward to seeing you at Folk Alliance!
by S. Newkirk
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Lion Bear Fox Locked Topic 0 Mission Management Group / Lion Bear Fox LION BEAR FOX    Phone: 250-245-4440 Email: Category of Folk: Alt-Folk/Americana Location: Vancouver Island, British Columbia Website: Biography: Vancouver’s Lion Bear Fox is three huge voices joined as one, telling the truth through compelling story, honest narrativeand unbridled passion.  Three men going to war onstage every night to share a message of hope, vulnerability and redemption.  Lion Bear Fox is “a musical force of nature”, an “emotional awakening” that’s sure to “be around for a lifetime”. (Nanaimo Daily News/Songs in the Valley/Terry David Mulligan).   Originally known for their respective solo careers, Christopher Arruda, Ryan McMahon and Cory Woodward joined forces as Lion Bear Fox in 2012 and was immediately selected as one of the top 20 unsigned bands British Columbia (Peak Performance Project).  The fall of 2013 saw the band release their self-produced breakthrough EP “We’d Be Good Men” and take Western Canada by storm, touring 15 times over the next two years including stops at Canadian Music Week (Toronto), Contact East (PEI), OSAC (Regina) Mission Folk Festival and The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC. They have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with artists like Tom Wilson, Good For Grapes, Elliot Brood and Kim Mitchell.   2016 sees Lion Bear Fox further cementing themselves as the new Canadian band to watch.  With the help of friend and producer Nygel Asselin (Half Moon Run), the trio spent ten days in the Vancouver Island wilderness crafting “the record of their lives” -  a collection of songs steeped in character and full of warmth.  One part folk, one part rock - a pinch ofgospel and a dash of growl, the self-titled LP is a testament to the trio’s strength as songwriters.  Lush acoustic guitars are bookended by buzzing electrics and screaming organs;  all tied together by rich percussion and three voices in mighty harmony.  It’s a sound that harkens back to an era when the song was paramount. “All three artists are known for the passion they bring to their performances and the honest songs they write,” writes the Ladysmith Chronicle, “and they have succeeded in creating gripping, dynamic songs while capturing a sincerity rarely heard this side of the 2000’s”.  Lion Bear Fox will be appearing at festivals across Canada this summer, for a list of tour dates and information on LP release, follow along here at  
by Mission Management Group / Lion Bear Fox
Monday, January 23, 2017
Susan Shann seeks showcases (this time with proper info.!) Locked Topic 0 S. Shann Susan Shann Contact info: Phone: (615) 351-3886 Email: Category of Folk: new or indie folk  Location: Nashville, TN Description: I'm a singer / songwriter with a broad stylistic range, encompassing elements of rock, pop, blues and even a hint of jazz in my songs. I emphasize strong, intelligent lyrics and distinct melodies, with themes from spiritual and inspirational to environmental and social justice issues, to just flat out fun, good time rock n roll. I've received many comparisons with Sean Colvin and Joni Mitchell (I wish!! But I'll take it). The attached video is with a band, but does offer a decent display of my own performance capabilities before an audience. I would be thrilled to perform in your showcase! Here is my website for more info.. Thank you! Susan Shann
by S. Shann
Thursday, January 19, 2017
Bob Wright & Bill Doerge seeking showcase Locked Topic 0 B. Doerge Contact Info: 718-981-2481 732-458-5652 Email: Video: Category of Folk: Neo-Traditional Description: We are natives of Staten Island, New York and have been playing music since childhood. We are multi-instrumentalists steeped in American roots music and our songs reflect a merging of mountain music and the sea. The harbors and waters around us, and the people whose lives they impact, are our main songwriting focus and concern.   We would love to play your private showcase! Check out our website
by B. Doerge
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
the Roe Family Singers Locked Topic 0 the Roe Family Singers Contact Phone: 612-599-0266 Contact Email: Category of Folk: old-time Location: Minneapolis, MN Pinecastle Records recording artists the Roe Family Singers are a Good-Time, Old-Time Hillbilly band from the tiny community of Kirkwood Hollow, MN. Led by wife & husband Kim Roe (Best Female Vocalist, City Pages) and Quillan Roe, the band marries old-time sounds from barn-dances, fiddle pulls, and county fairs with the rock & roll passion of youth.   Featuring banjo, Autoharp, guitar, and Appalachian clogging, they've shared the stage with Doc Watson, Ralph Stanley, Mike Seeger, Del McCoury, the Grascals, and Jim Kweskin & Geoff Muldaur. In 2011 the band was awarded the prestigious McKnight Fellowship for Performing Musicians; they won the title of “World's Best Jug Band” twice, in 2010 & 2012 at the annual Battle of the Jug Bands; in 2012, won the Minnesota Duet Contest at the MN State Fair; and in 2016 won the title of Entertainers of the Year from BMAI.     The Roe Family Singers mix original music and contemporary takes on old-time, traditional, and gospel tunes into one roiling & rollicking river of fresh yet familiar American music. Every performance raises a ruckus. Here are more links to some of our songs. John Hardy:   The Girl I Left Behind:   Sail Away Ladies: Sail Away Ladies performed by the Roe Family Singers   Chicken in the Barnyard:     Full band TED performance:   Crow Black Chicken:
by the Roe Family Singers
Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Robinlee Garber - New CD Out - Charted Looking for Showcases Locked Topic 0 R. Garber Hi! I would love to play your showcase room this year!  I just released a new CD this year called "Resilience" which charted at #18 Nationally.  I will be playing songs from that CD as well as some new material. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again this year!!  Please email me at Here is a link to my website:
by R. Garber
Monday, January 16, 2017

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