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Example! - The Weavers Locked Topic 0 J. Rivers, Folk Alliance International Thanks for watching our video! Contact Info Phone: 555-555-5555 Email: Category of Folk: Traditional Location: New York Description of Music: We're an American folk music quartet based in the Greenwich Village area of New York City. We sing traditional folk songs from around the world, as well as blues, gospel music, children's songs, labor songs, and American ballads.  Booking Goals: We will be booking for 2019 in Eastern Canada and the North East of the US. We're also booking for Europe in 2020. We love to connect with presenters at your showcase.  We'd love to play your private showcase, contact us! Check out our website for more info.
by J. Rivers, Folk Alliance International
Wednesday, August 16, 2017
*INSTRUCTIONS - Read this if you want to get booked. Locked Topic 0 J. Rivers, Folk Alliance International The purpose of this forum is to provide a list of artists, regularly updated, and sent to private showcase presenters for review. The presenters are sent a digest of the new posts every week to review. Before you create a post for your act, read the instructions below and review the "Example - Weavers" post. Step 1: To create a post for your act, sign into your profile, go to the forum page (under NEWS) and click on the Private Showcase Artist Forum, then "New Topic".    *In the digest sent to presenters, the first thing you type gets sent to them in a condensed version, so we recommend the following template to get your info to presenters clearly. See the "Example! - The Weavers" post. Step 2: Subject: Your Act's Name Step 3: Attach Video: Paste the embed code from your video (Optional, but highly recommended) Step 4: Contact Phone, Contact Email, Category of Folk, Location Step 5: A Biography or description of your music and a link to your website or EPK. Step 6: Any Booking Goals you may have during the conference. There is no need to attach any additional items like photos or videos. No one presenter is downloading anything. Put the info in the post and EMBED A VIDEO IN THE LINK ABOVE THE EDITOR. In order to keep presenters from being flooded and overwhelmed by artist emails, we do not post contact info for the presenters unless that ask us to. This post is your best line of communication with them. Make sure to check for errors, and monitor your contact information closely. Good Luck! ~ FAI Team
by J. Rivers, Folk Alliance International
Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Vinegar Creek Constituency Duo 0 L. DiSanto Contact:  Leo DiSanto: (717)847-1958     Variety of folk: roots/ string band/ Amerikindasorta About us: Vinegar Creek Constituency Duo is a high-intensity, mobile satellite unit of the five-piece Vinegar Creek Constituency, Lancaster Pennsylvania’s swashbuckling, pseudo-legendary pioneers of Amerikindasorta string band music. Consisting of Jeff Bryson (aka “The Wolfmandolinist") and Leo DiSanto, the duo has toured throughout the US and Ireland for the past seven years, crooning, howling, and belting out songs that call out from the crossroads of darkness and light and cackle in the face of doom. The Duo has performed at festivals, on street corners, in cafes, bars, nightclubs, beer joints, juke joints, living rooms, backyards, churches, and on one memorable occasion (and for reasons still unknown), at a private concert for an audience of exactly one American alligator in the Okefenokee Swamp of southern Georgia (see the band’s Facebook page for video).    We last attended a Folk Alliance conference as a quintet in 2013, when we performed in an official "quad" showcase at NERFA. Our album Don't Go Back In Time, released that same year, reached the top 40 on the International Folk Dj charts.    It has been too long and we're looking forward to meeting, hearing, and jamming with everyone in New Orleans this year!   Booking goals: we are looking to expand our touring range in the US, Europe, and beyond, and hope to meet some folks who can help us with the logistics of that. We'd be jazzed and honored to perform in your showcase! To learn more about us and find more music and video, you can visit our homepage. Thanks so much, see yall in January! 
by L. DiSanto
3 hours ago
Billy Woodward 0 B. Woodward Contact Info Phone:410-474-4627 Email: Category of Folk: Roots Singer-Songwriter Location: New York Bio: Billy Woodward is a roots singer-songwriter originally from the southern shores of Maryland and now based in Brooklyn, NY. His unique songwriting and storytelling is a direct result of his life-long adoration of traditional folk/blues, R&B and rock & roll. Woodward has been featured in “Sun Sessions”, after recording his award winning EP, "The Beast In Me", at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN and is a former cast member of the Broadway musical Million Dollar Quartet.    Music: Single | Backslider EP | The Beast In Me   Booking Goals: I'll be performing solo as a first time attendee of Folk Alliance and will be looking to make connections for bookings in 2020. I'd love to perform at some private showcases so shoot me a line if you're interested - you can also visit my website for more info.  
by B. Woodward
Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Mamma's Marmalade 0 Mamma’s Marmalade   Contact Information Phone: (203) 913-4251 Email: Category of Folk: Bluegrass Location: Northampton, MA   A little about us: We are a progressive bluegrass group based in Northampton, a city in western Massachusetts known for it's rich DIY art culture. Our diverse backgrounds in string music both led us to bluegrass music, and inform our eclectic, high-energy, original music. We combine elements of traditional bluegrass and Old Time music - such as tight harmonies, lyrical storytelling, and instrumental improvisation - with elements of protest music, poetry, and early rock'n'roll.    We would love to perform at your showcase. Please contact us through the email or phone above, or check out our website for more information.  You can see a photo of us performing at the Green River Festival below; click thumbnail!      
by Mamma’s Marmalade
Monday, August 12, 2019
Kim Moberg 0 K. Moberg   Contact Info Phone:  508-280-7731 Email: Category of Folk: Indie | Singer/Songwriter Location:  Cape Cod, MA | USA Description of Music:  Contemporary Folk About Me: I was born in Juneau, Alaska, the daughter of a classical pianist mother of Alaskan Native Tlingit descent and a US Coast Guard veteran father from Kansas. Music was the constant in my childhood, helping me to adjust to the frequent moves associated with growing up in a military family.  As a teenager, I taught myself to strum and finger pick acoustic guitar covering my favorite artists, but debilitating stage fright kept me from pursuing my dream of becoming a professional performer. In 2014, after a hiatus from music, I set out to overcome that stage fright and wrote my first song. In 2018, my debut cd "Above Ground" reached #23 Folk Alliance International Folk DJ Chart with 2 songs in the Top 20 Best Song category. Later in 2018, I released my single "In December" which peaked at #12 on the Folk Alliance International Folk DJ Chart. I placed first at the 2018 Rose Garden Coffee House Performing Artist Competition and second at the 2018 Linden Tree Coffee House Winter Potpourri. My second cd  "Up Around The Bend" is scheduled for worldwide release in September 2019. "I had the honor last night of being a judge again in the  Rose Garden Coffeehouse Songwriter Competition. Congrats to Kim Moberg who really shone bright last night.  She will be a songwriter to watch in the coming years!  Great songwriting, delivery, musicianship, topics, comfort on the stage and with her audience."  -Robert Haigh, Judge, 2018 Rose Garden Coffee House Songwriter Competition As a First Timer to FAI, I would love to perform at your Private Showcase and share my songs! To hear and learn more about me, please visit my website at 
by K. Moberg
Sunday, June 9, 2019
Howard Gladstone 0 H. Gladstone An Invitation: Howard Gladstone at Folk Alliance  Howard Gladstone Private Showcases/ Folk Alliance 2019 Friday February 15:       12:10- 12:30am Friday February 15:       10:55- 11:15pm Saturday February 16:  10:55- 11:15pm Room 572 (VK Artists) Howard Gladstone is a modern folk troubadour who sings his poetic song lyrics about love, hope, optimism and desire in a gentle way recall(ing) artists like Tim Hardin and Leonard Cohen -  Rootstime, Belgium Howard’s 5th album, Hourglass: "an emblematic album, embracing the tradition of the troubadour and the philosophy of the searcher, flow with romantic imagery"  - Paul Corby, Corby's Orbit   Howard is appearing solo at Folk Alliance.  Also performs as Duo or Trio with pianist/vocalist Laura Fernandez, and guitarist Tony Quarrington.   - Howard Gladstone, Toronto, Ontario. email: 
by H. Gladstone
Monday, February 11, 2019
Howard Gladstone 0 H. Gladstone An Invitation: Howard Gladstone at Folk Alliance  Friday February 15:       12:10- 12:30am Friday February 15:       10:55- 11:15pm Saturday February 16:  10:55- 11:15pm Room 572 (VK Artists) Howard Gladstone is a modern folk troubadour who sings his poetic song lyrics about love, hope, optimism and desire in a gentle way recall(ing) artists like Tim Hardin and Leonard Cohen -  Rootstime, Belgium  Howard’s 5th album, Hourglass, is described as ” an emblematic album, embracing the tradition of the troubadour and the philosophy of the searcher, Hourglass flows with flourishes of insight and romantic imagery. "– Paul Corby, Corby’s Orbit  Howard is appearing solo at Folk Alliance.  Also performs as Duo or Trio with pianist/vocalist Laura Fernandez, and guitarist Tony Quarrington.   - Howard Gladstone, Toronto, Ontario.  
by H. Gladstone
Monday, February 11, 2019
Beasley 0 J. Beasley  Contact Info: Phone: 270-316-2774  Email: Category of Folk: Singer / Songwriter Location: Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.  Description of Music         Pointedly critical yet hopeful, I write songs that use a wide dynamic range to offer a strong melody, a biting criticism, and a chorus you'll find yourself singing which calls the listener to live more honestly hopeful.         I am based out of Seattle, WA and I love sharing my music and would love to perform at your House Concert, Listening Room, Festival, Small Theater, or Music Centered Bar in the U.S.A and Abroad.         You can hear more of my music on my website @
by J. Beasley
Thursday, February 7, 2019
Nathan & Jessie for last minute PGS? 0 Nathan & Jessie Hey All! Jazzy folk duo from California, Nathan & Jessie, here!  We are excited to see you all in Montreal and since we were late to register, we didn't land any pgs.   If you have any cancellations or room for us to play, keep us posted. Here is a live vid and a link to our website:   Here are links to our music"
by Nathan & Jessie
Monday, February 4, 2019
Arctic Soul from Nunavut 0 Brendan Doherty Josh Q. and The Trade-Offs from Iqaluit, Nunavut will be at FAI 2019, their first FAI conference ever. Josh Q. will be opening for Buffy St. Marie on Feb. 16 and the group has 2 additional showcases.The group would like to play a few more showcases so if you are looking to bring some sounds from the Arctic to your showcase please contact me. You won't regret it! Check out The Trade-Offs on spotify, apple music etc. and their music video in the link! - Brendan     
by Brendan Doherty
Monday, February 4, 2019
Caves & Clouds 0 E. Harris     Contact:  E.W. Harris Phone: +1(706)-296-2782 Email: Category of Folk: Indie Folk Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA   Bio: Formed in the winter of 2016, Caves & Clouds is the collaborative project of veteran songwriters E.W. Harris and Jo Kroger. Known for their precise and dramatic vocal harmonies and dark (often political) lyricism, Caves & Clouds are a regular feature in the Brooklyn songwriting scene. Aside from releasing their debut album "The Winter of our Discontent" in the spring of 2017 (and of course touring on it in the US and UK), Caves & Clouds was honored to have been selected to perform as a headliner for the 2018 Big City Folk Festival in New York City. To find out more visit    Booking Goals:   For the Conference: Due to extenuating circumstances, we were unable to pursue booking private showcases until literally right now, but will be in attendance for all of the conference and would love to to any cancellations or fill-ins that might be available.    Beyond the Conference: We would really like to become involved in a partnership with an artist booking agency, as we feel that bringing in outside expertise is an excellent way to grow our project. Other that that, we are particularly interested in engaging the house show community. We are ideologically really in sync with the whole scene and would love to become involved further.                
by E. Harris
Wednesday, January 30, 2019
"We're Sorry Canada" showcase wants applications 2 M. Glick I also just emailed ya sir!
by E. Harris
Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Naomi Sommers 0 N. Sommers Contact Phone: 607-379-3501 Contact Email: Singer-Songwriter BIO:  Naomi Sommers grew up performing with her parents and brother in the Sommers Rosenthal Family Band. She has sung and played flute, banjo, and guitar on more than 20 records released on her father Phil’s American Melody label, has recorded three albums under her own name, as well as one with old-time country slow-grass duo Gray Sky Girls. Naomi’s most recent album, “Gentle As The Sun”, was recorded in Nashville, produced by the acclaimed musician/producer Jim Rooney (John Prine, Iris Dement, Nanci Griffith, Bonnie Raitt).  Jim’s enthusiasm over Naomi’s songs and her voice prompted him to end a hiatus from the music business to make this record.  The album was engineered by David Fergusson (Johnny Cash/Rick Rubin) and features a backup band of some of Nashville’s finest musicians. “Gentle As the Sun” was released by Continental Records in the Netherlands, and received stellar reviews & radio airplay in the UK and Europe. Naomi lived in Germany for 9 years, but is now back in the US, based in Ithaca, NY.  In addition to performing solo, Naomi plays in a trio with her father and brother, melding jazz (brother Daniel plays trumpet) and bluegrass (father Phil is an accomplished bluegrass musician and songwriter). They released an album "Down The Road" in 2016.   BOOKING GOALS: Performances in venues, community series, libraries, house concerts, festivals, schools.
by N. Sommers
Sunday, January 20, 2019
Need Bass for Hire at Private Showcases 0 N. Beaudoing   Hi, I'm looking for a bass player to back me up on a few private showcases in Montreal in February.  I have charts and mp3's to send and will pay for your time. If interested contact me at Thanks! Nick
by N. Beaudoing
Saturday, January 19, 2019
Edgar Breau and Colina Phillips private showcase 0 E. Breau EDGAR BREAU AND COLINA PHILLIPS COMBINED BIOS   Edgar Breau’s song writing encompasses haunting acoustic landscapes woven with poetic lyricism, “short stories with developed characters, marvelous, laid back sound, trippy and rewarding” Bob Mersereau. Singer/songwriter, Edgar Breau also founded and fronts the internationally acclaimed Canadian cult band Simply Saucer, Hamilton Music Award/Baby Nova. Colina Phillips career is multi-genre work with short-listers Bryan Adams, Ronnie Hawkins, Celine Dion, Ronnie Prophet, Marc Jordan, Bruce Cockburn; a JUNO nomination/Kaleefah; a Gold Record/Sway; a directorial debut at TIFF/Making Change. Jazz CD Blue Mood captures Phillips’ vocal artistry and original songs. Edgar Breau’s haunting melodies and vigorous guitar playing mashes with Colina Phillips’ vocal prowess and percussion to create vibrant performances, together.   Phone: 289-440-2590  Edgar             416-895-4848  Colina Email: Edgar       Colina   Catagory of Folk :  Singer/Songwriter multi genre/fusion Official Private Showcase : The Hammer Comes Down Room 461 Times:Wed. 11:30 p.m             Thu. 12:50 a.m.             Fri.   11:50 p.m.             Sat.    10.50 p.m.  Booking Goals: We are setting up an east coast Canada tour and a separate one in Michigan. We would love to tour in Europe as well. Open to all opportunities in North America and Europe.
by E. Breau
Thursday, January 17, 2019
Northern Hearts 0 S. Linton   Contact Info Phone: 905-269-1520 Email: Category of Folk: acoustic folk-rock Location: Cobourg, Ontario Description: Canadian indie folk-rock duo Northern Hearts blends classically trained vocals with ingenious guitarwork to create acoustic magic. Hailing from Northumberland County, Ontario, songstress Shannon Linton and guitarist Steve Jones grew up together, but existed universes apart. Linton notes, “Steve and I knew of each other way back in high school, but he was in a metal band and I was a choir girl taking singing lessons, so he intimidated the crap out of me.” As adults, Linton—now with opera chops—and Jones, master of lightning riffs, reunited and found they had much in common; their differing backgrounds only lending to their synergy as performers. Their fusion of powerful vocals and storied guitar reaches deep into the emotional heart of the blues, but with a folk-rock sensibility that allows listeners to feel the personal in the universal. Northern Hearts is busy performing and recording, and 2019 will mean the release their self-titled debut EP. Website:   Thank you for watching our video!
by S. Linton
Thursday, January 17, 2019
Diemm: Chamber folk, harp & vocals 0 D. McLennan Ethereal and grounded chamber folk.  Diemm plays original material on folk harp, with crystalline vocals and lyrics like arrows. Diemm is a harper, singer, songwriter and spoken word poet. Her poetry tugs you into the liminal place between conscious and subconscious mind. Diemm released her debut album (eleven songs and three poems with music) Sept 2018, featuring critically acclaimed folk roots musician Oliver Swain on bass and world percussionist Ben Johnson on percussion. It’s a last minute decision for Diemm to attend FAI 2019!! Any last minute showcase opportunities would be lovely. Diemm would love to play your private showcase.  Phone: 250-353-3412 Email: Category of Folk: original Chamber Folk Location: BC Canada Booking Goals: Interested in finding a booking agent, folk festival bookings, bookings for Western Canada. To entertain is one thing; to enrich is another. Diemm plays for that one resonant chord that opens a cascade of ‘yes’ inside you.
by D. McLennan
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Polky Village Band 0 Polky Village Band   Contact Info: Phone:+1 647-710-5513 Email: Category of Folk: Traditional / Indie polka Location: Toronto Description of Music: Created by courageous Polish ladies and fronted by singer Ewelina Ferenc, Polky Village Band is not your typical "polka band" but an authentic and energetic Polish-Canadian folk music group. By adding a uniquely Canadian, multicultural flavour, the band brings their own original sound to traditional forms. Booking Goals: We will be booking for 2019 in Western Canada tour. We're also booking for Europe in 2020. We love to connect with presenters at your showcase.  We'd love to play your private showcase, contact us! Check out for more info.
by Polky Village Band
Monday, January 14, 2019
Charlie Mosbrook 0 C. Mosbrook Charl I am seeking private showcase opportunities 1-216-702-5983 Original and traditional folk- solo performer Cleveland, Ohio USA Bio:   Charlie Mosbrook is an award-winning songwriter, performer, and advocate for American folk music. Beginning his career in 1988 as a street musician, he quickly became a popular open mic host throughout Northeast Ohio. From these early roots he nurtured his songwriting, musicianship, and stagecraft and today performs for major festivals and concert series throughout the US. His recordings of original and traditional songs have earned him rotation on many popular folk radio programs around the world. As a folk music advocate Charlie continues to organize local open mics and serves as the president for Folknet and vice president to FARM (Folk Alliance Region Midwest) In the summer of 2018 Charlie’s song “Remember Who We Are” earned him 2nd place in the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Songwriting contest. The honor included an invitation to perform on the main-stage during the festival. The recognition highlighted a long history of helping to continue the legacy of Guthrie’s music including a performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum during its week-long conference in 1996 titled Hard Travelin’: The Life and Legacy of Woody Guthrie. That performance received a credit in Robert Santelli’s book by the same name. Charlie has led Woody Guthrie workshops and performed his songs for schools, festivals, and libraries across the country. The Library of Congress American Folk Life Center has recorded Charlie performing Guthrie’s song “I Ain’t Got No Home”. Goals:I am hoping to expand my radio presence. book house concerts, concert series, and festivals throughout North America.
by C. Mosbrook
Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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