FAI 2024:
Post-Conference Report

Explore the highlights of the Folk Alliance International 2024 Conference!

FAI 2024 report


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FAI is an arts nonprofit founded in 1989 to connect folk music leaders aiming to sustain the community and genre worldwide.

No algorithms. Just the whole folk community at your fingertips.

Join and connect with the global folk music industry. Share your music, join exclusive events, and more.

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In our aim to preserve the folk genre, our Lifetime Achievement award was created to honor the cultural impact of legendary folk music figures.


Our annual conference brings together 3,000 members of the folk community and features showcases, educational panels and workshops, networking, and more.


In addition to our annual conference, which serves an international audience all in one place, we present our Finest Folk showcasing series at our Kansas City office and other national showcasing events in the roots genre.