FAI Membership Agreement

The following Membership Agreement has been developed to articulate FAI’s expectations regarding the year-round conduct of its members who in turn act as representatives of FAI,  having committed to its vision and values.

Folk Alliance International (FAI) is a global nonprofit that values diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. As emphatically as we welcome all people to our events and organization, and as intentionally as we facilitate participation of marginalized, disenfranchised, and underrepresented community members, we also reject all forms of racism, discrimination, and harassment.

This agreement covers all online, in-person, social media, and phone interactions of each FAI member with any FAI director, staff, contractor, volunteer, other FAI member, and/or a community member at large. This agreement also holds our members accountable for professional conduct outside of FAI spaces, events, and contexts.

Harassment, discrimination, or inappropriate activity will be formally addressed. Continued failure to uphold these standards may result in expulsion from membership without reimbursement, per bylaw Article 3 Section 12. FAI reserves the right to deny renewal of membership.

FAI Membership Agreement

As a voting or non-voting member of FAI,

I subscribe to and will further the purposes of FAI, which are to strengthen and advance organizational and individual initiatives in folk music through preservation, promotion, and presentation under the direction of FAI’s Strategic Plan.

I also agree to:

  • conduct myself in a safe and respectful manner at all times,
  • abide by the published bylaws, values, and policies of the organization,
  • uphold a safe, welcoming, and respectful environment for all — one that respects all national, geographic, cultural, ethnic, social, economic, gender, sexuality, orientation, mobility, and other forms of diversity, and
  • refrain from and reject harassment and discrimination of any kind, pledging also to address this behavior as unacceptable when I witness it