Strategic Priorities

Strengthen and Expand Our Reach

  • Explore partnerships with international institutions and organizations
  • Build relationships with untapped folk communities
  • Explore and identify more global partnerships
  • Explore future relationships and agreement with regions
  • Execute and build upon the recommendations from Cultural Equity Council and Affinity groups
  • Continue our work that led to the recommendations from the centering disability summit

Improve Our Infrastructure

  • Explore new data collection systems
  • Expand and strengthen staff capacity
  • Build infrastructure plan for operations and technology
  • Strengthen board structure and function

Expand Our Funding Approach

  • Explore how FAI will more into a community centric revenue model
  • Explore providing resources

The following are the strategic objectives (and associated goals) to help move towards the vision:

Strategic Areas

1. Financial Growth

Objective: Growing FAI’s Donor Base Significantly


  1. Expand funders and donors to increase capacity
  2. Improves its funding capabilities
  3. Growing the funding base
  4. Growing foundational relationships and support
  5. Individual donor campaign
  6. Create advisory board

2. Membership & Attendee Growth

Objective: Grow Membership and Attendance

  1. Increase membership
  2. Increase conference attendance

3. Expand & Promote Folk Music

Objective: Expand and Promote the Tradition and Continuum of Folk Music

  1. Transcends the genre
  2. Amplify the understanding of folk music and the folk community
  3. Integrates folk music’s past, present, and future and reflect history while embracing future trends

4. Programming / Provide Year Round Resources

Objective: Provides Relevant Year-Round Resources

  1. Provides vital year-round services
  2. Effectively conveys and raises the value of membership
  3. Provides yearly resources
  4. Provides support and resources to the music ecosystem
  5. Is widely perceived as more than a conference

5. FAI as Global Cultural Leader

Objective: Sought After and Respected Global Cultural Leader

  1. Is a sought-after leader in the cultural sector
  2. Achieves broader industry name/ mission recognition and respect
  3. Collaborates tangibly with other music organizations
  4. Premier leader for music creator advocacy

6. Accessible & Equitable

Objective: Is Accessible and Equitable to and for All

  1. Is known for intersectionality and inclusivity
  2. Advocates for financial, equitable, and physical accessibility
  3. Has increased representation of marginalized communities
  4. Meets needs of members with disabilities
  5. Ensures equitable representation within leadership
  6. Build a board that is representative of the global folk community.

7. Innovative Infrastructure

Objective: Invests in Reflexive, Innovating Infrastructure

  1. Is carbon neutral
  2. Has a clear organizational structure
  3. Utilizes current technology to its advantage
  4. Has more diverse and accessible communications
  5. Is more integrated with conference cities
  6. Consistently evaluates organizational structure and pathways to leadership
  7. Is implementing consistent legal & business practices to minimize risk

8. Global Expansion

Objective: Embraces a Global Folk Ecosystem

  1. Expand FAI’s footprint globally
  2. Is an umbrella for affiliated organization globally
  3. Continue its mission to be culturally diverse
  4. Becomes representative of a comprehensive global community
  5. Strengthens strategic partnerships across all continents
  6. Cultivate and maintain connections with diverse folk ecosystems